Site Specific: Photography Exhibitions from Around the World
9 juin 2023

« Site Specific: Photography Exhibitions from Around the World »

Published by: Tall Poppy Press (, 2023
Authors: Matt Dunne and Callum Beaney
Designer: Rebecca McCauley

172 pages
Soft cover dust jacket cover that folds out into a post

About the book

Site Specific: Photography Exhibitions from Around the World  explores the ways photography can be exhibited. This is a reference book about exhibiting practice, it’s an anthology for exploring installation, a visual encyclopaedia – image heavy and text light.

Co-authored by Matt Dunne and Callum Beaney, the book highlights methods as diverse as using post-it-notes as a medium to collage to traditional framing. The authors casting a wide net, with 58 exhibitions included, a vast range of exhibiting processes and styles are covered from an array of countries and contexts.

With photography shown in galleries, outdoor spaces, hotel rooms, festivals, tiled floors and even brutalist exteriors, each work featured provides further visual reference and inspiration about photography exhibiting.

Photographers featured include Trent Parke, Dayanita Singh, Ying Ang, Heikki Kaski, Brett Davis, Rebecca Najdowski/Vivian Cooper Smith, Elle Pérez and many, many more.

Site Specific is a record of some of the most wonderful photography exhibitions that probably didn’t make it to your home town, including some artists a reader likely will have not yet discovered. 


Quote from author Matt Dunne about why the book was made

“We made Site Specific because we wanted to make sure artists could access an excellent resource for inspiration and learning. Through the book, we wanted to showcase a really diverse range of exhibiting practice and make sure that regions that are often under-represeted were shown. We hope that everyone who looks at this book will find something new, exciting and thought provoking.”


List of artists included

Aleix Plademunt
Alexander Mourant
Anne Erhard
Anne Immelé
Annie Wang
Arif Furqan
Atong Atem
Brett Davis
Chan Wai Kwong
Charlie Engman
Colby Deal & Juan Fuentes
Colette Fu
Constanza Valderrama
David Zheng
Dayanita Singh
Elena Damiani
Elle Pérez
Erika Meda
Felix Wilson
Geraldine Kang
Goo Gijeong
Guanyu Xu
Guillaume Simoneau
Guilia Parlato
Hanqing & Mona
Heikki Kaski
Hiroko Komatsu
Jo Dennis
Kate Robertson
Luis Antonio Santos
Maket/Days in the Sun
Marisol Mendez
Naoyuki Hata
Noah Kalina
Peter Puklus
Punk Dragon
Rebecca Najdowski & Vivian Cooper Smith
Rory Gillen
Rosie Marie Cromwell
Ruth Maddison
Ryan J Gander
Ryan L Moule
Seiichi Furuya
Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo
Shuhei Yamada
Shyue Woon
Spaces Corners
Stephan Keppel & Benjamin Jones
Sybren Vanoverberghe
Taisuke Koyama & Takashi Kawashima
Theo Elias
Trent Parke
Vincent Delbroucke
Wolfgang Buttress
Woong Soak Teng
Xiaoyi Chen
Ying Ang

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